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Heyyo! I'm Avi, an avid reader,
a music enthusiast and a believer.


Things I made for Projects/Hackathons/Personal Stuff. No one needs a definition for Portfolio kek.

Listing more projects in here soon .. so stay awaited frenss!

About Me

Heyyo internet person. I like to define myself as a very artistic person because I love to read, I sketch portraits, I also sing and well I can play the piano too! 😛 Not to brag but I absolutely love my hobbies and don't wish to make a career out of it. The thing that drives me and something I am really passionate about is technology. I want to learn the most of this field. I love communicating, getting to know people and basically talking!I believe kindness is the way to go always.I love typing, especially Markdowns! People call me evil because of it 😔. Ranting is my specialty and that being said I take my leave 🏃🏼‍♀️


My LinkedIn, GitHub and Email are always open. So if you wish to have a chat, welcome! :D


Well, the majority of you’ll are here for this! I hope I made you go through the whole thing 🔫

So I’m gonna be nice and link it right here! :)

Not my Resume 💀

Resume 😇